Hi! WE ARE // THE CLARKES and here's where you can swot up on all things about Anna and Simon, the founders of WE ARE // THE CLARKES.. 

We're Anna and Simon and we met a whole 15 years ago and have been blissfully married for just over 8 of those years :-) (the wedding image up there is by Steve Gerrard). We have just had our beautiful baby daughter Eleanor Romy and are utterly head over heals in love. It's been totally life changing and we're excited for all the amazing good times ahead. We met before we were professional image makers, Simon was working in an office alongside being a superstar DJ and Anna was temping, Simon needed a temp, Anna was said temp, it was pretty much love at first sight! (everyone say ahhhhhhhh). We discovered we were both arty farty creative types both studying art and design and photography etc and we knew one day we wanted to run our own businesses and make money from creating beautiful things. Fast forward through a lot of hard working years and here we are now! We love being a creative team, running our own company and shooting both photography and films. we're now super excited to see what the future holds with our beautiful baby girl as part of Team Clarke too!



Here are some more factoids about us:

  • We live in a lovely little village called Harbury, in Warwickshire.

  • We have a gorgeous little girl Eleanor Romy.

  • We have two beautiful cats Mumford & Matilda.

  • We got married in 2009 in the Cotswolds.

  • We love exploring the world and travel as often as we can.

  • We often break out into spontaneous dance, and song.

  • We are both members of the Pearl Jam fan club.