Here it is folks! Our annual 1 Second Everyday video. You may have already seen this over on our Facebook page but we wanted to blog it too.

If you know us, or have ever met us, you've probably had your ear chewed off about this and have more than likely featured in one or two.

This is our 4th year of completing this awesome project, it's a challenge but we love doing it. If we haven't already bullied you into doing it yet too, then you really probably should. It's a such a marvellous reminder of all the things we did throughout the year, all the daft things, the amazing friends and family we hung out with and also in our case, the amount of food and drink we consumed, usually on the sofa watching a film, with the cats.

Our personal highlights include dancing Santa Anna, hand-chopping Simon, our travels in New Zealand, face-swap, remote shaver, TITS, allllll the food, beautiful babies and our incredible friends and families. Thank you SO much if you were a part of this, you really did make our year. We hope you enjoy this small window into our lives and enjoy watching it! 

If you haven't already seen our previous years' videos please pop over and have a look here