Here you'll find a little about how we, well erm, roll. It's mainly wedding type situations we talk about but our relaxed, fun, stress-free style covers all types of shoots we do really! If you need to know more about how we work please feel free to get in touch and ask! 



Let your wedding day unfold naturally and photograph all of the authentic, fun moments that make the day unique.

Listen to the couple and pay attention to what makes them, them, so that we can reflect that in the images and/or film.

Use ultra-flattering natural light, particularly a yummy sunset, as it’s our all-time favourite.

Get creative when it pours it down, which let's face it happens a lot in the UK, there's no way you're missing out on ace photos just because a bit of the wet stuff. 

Blend into the crowd and make the process as smooth as possible.

Get on with your guests and bring the best out of them. Edit for days on end to make the photos perfect.

Get a kick out of giving you timeless images and a film you will love forever.

For couple shoots and families we are the same, we act as ridiculous as possible to get those little ones laughing (at us!) and make sure your experience is fun and relaxed.



Staged cutting-of-the-cake shots.

Take our couples away from their guests for hours of the day.

Endless lists of forced-grin group shots (we are NOT a fan of group shots and urge you to have as few as possible)

Make guests put down their drinks and pose for photos.

Get all up in people’s faces (well, not often anyway).