We've decided to launch a workshop! It's a pretty daunting thing if we're being honest with you, but hey, we figured the 8-years-ago-us could probably learn a thing or two from the present day us and would love to know about our highs, our mistakes, what we'd do differently, what's still the same, so we figured a few of you out there might like to know too. We've done a fair few 1-2-1 Classroom sessions and thought we'd expand this to small group vibe now as well. Read on for all the details.

This February we will be hosting our first ever one-day workshop for people looking to learn from us, our experiences in all things wedding and learn about how we do things.

We will look at how we run a business as a husband and wife team, staying creative, how we work on a wedding day, working with couples, using photography to make us better film makers, using film to make us better photographers, gear, post production, etc... the list goes on.

The workshop will be based around wedding photography/film making as it's what we do best. It'll be an opportunity to talk about everything we do and how we do it, no questions are off limits and we'll give you real, honest insights and information from our extensive knowledge and experience from shooting weddings over the past 8 years. 

If you're just starting out or thinking of staring in photography/film in the wedding world or indeed if you are already doing one or the other, looking to expand your business,  just want to be inspired or learn new skills then this will be a comfortable and totally non-scary place to do that in. 

It'll be a intimate affair with limited numbers so it's not at all intimidating and we can guarantee we'll be heading to the pub for a drink or two afterwards.

All the details are below and you can book online, easy peasy!




TIME: 10am to 6pm - We'll also be going for dinner afterwards in the pub and you are more than welcome to join us, just let us know beforehand. 

WHAT: A relaxed and intimate workshop including the following:

  • How we work and run a business as a Husband and Wife Team

  • What equipment and kit we use

  • How we approach and shoot a Wedding Day, from before the booking to after the day

  • Getting and staying creative, especially under pressure

  • Keeping it relaxed and simple

  • Getting the clients you want

  • How we edit and our workflow (this will be broken down into photography and film editing)

  • Everything else in-between!


PRICE: £300 per person - this includes lunch.