Image by The Crawleys

We're Anna and Simon, founders of WE ARE // THE CLARKES and we met a whole 16 years ago and have been blissfully married for 10 of those years!
We’ve been pro photographers and shooting weddings for 10 years now and still love them as much as we ever did.

We both love taking creative, fun, joyful images and film, capturing people in real moments and are passionate about our work and what we do.

We are based in the UK but are privileged to shoot weddings all over the world.
We live in a little country village in Warwickshire with our daughter El and our two cats Mumford and Matilda.

We’ve also got baby girl Clarke number 2 on the way (due Jan 2020). 


  • Anna is the cook, Simon is the cleaner, sometimes we swap, sometimes we do neither...

  • We love exploring the world and travel as often as we can.

  • We’re soppy sods and are often caught with ‘something in our eye’.

  • We are both members of the Pearl Jam fan club.

  • Anna was a Masterchef contestant (donchaknow!)

  • Simon is ridiculously passionate about all things music...he used to be a DJ back when he had hair.

  • We love people who don’t take themselves too seriously.

Wedding image by Steve Gerrard, some of the family images by The Crawleys